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Countertops of Coeur d'Alene
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We also do cabinet refinishing!
Ask us about refinishing your cabinets along with your countertops!  You would have a whole new look!

Countertops of Coeur d’Alene serves the greater Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington area and what we do is create AWESOMENESS!

If you are thinking about new countertops, a new shower surround or even an updated beautifully elegant floor, you have come to the right place!

Our epoxy system is unparalleled as to quality, and what we create is truly art.  Each piece is unique unto itself and is created with the input and desires of YOU, our customer.

Why choose epoxy?  Epoxy is not new to countertops – clear epoxy has been used for years on bar tops – it is our many and varied techniques combined with the use of colors that is new.

Here are some advantages of our  epoxy countertops:

1.  Our epoxy has a tensile strength of 15,000 psi!  You can’t say that about granite, Formica or Corian type countertops!  Well, we guess you could – but you’d be lying!

 2.  Epoxy is impossible to stain.  If you don’t seal your rock countertop about every 6 months, you are inviting stains that are impossible to remove.  Also, when your wine glass tips over and hits granite, it breaks!   😥   That is NO good!

3.  Our countertops are repairable.  No can do with granite, Formica or any other countertop system.  Well, we guess you could repair the crack in the granite with epoxy.  But then you’d have a crack that looks like it was repaired with epoxy!  Again, that is NO good!

4.  Fully customizable (is that a word?) as to color, shape (including edging), finish (gloss, semi-gloss, flat), etc.  Also, this optional coating (for degree of gloss) is VERY scratch resistant.   Amazing customizations

5.  Temperature rated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Ever seen what can happen to granite when a hot pot is set on it?  CRACK and $8,000 just went out the window! BTW, water boils at 212 degrees.

6.  Epoxy is ZERO maintenance.

7.  Custom edging available as an upgrade. Standard edging is always included in the price.
Compare that to $35 for rock!  Standard edging and beveling is FREE!!  Yea!  FREE is good!! 🙂  

8.  Seamless to the nth degree!  In other words, we can make your countertops seamless no matter HOW long they might be!  How cool is that?  No other system can do this!

9.  Value for your dollar.  Yes, we are less expensive than granite.  Usually.  Unless you want to go crazy wild.  But if you DO want to go crazy wild, we will be very happy to accommodate you! 🙂   We can do ANYTHING  from simple, sleek and elegant to ANYTHING you can imagine (the red, white and green you see in the pics are for the local Mexican Food Factory.  Stop by to check them out!)!  YOU are the customer, YOU decide what you like, WE create the AWESOMENESS!!!


Convinced yet?  You should be!  Give us a call or come by our shop to see some samples.  You really have to see it in person as the pictures do NOT do it justice.

Your new countertops, shower surrounds, and floors will have all your friends ENVIOUS!

Oh, and one more thing – if your countertops ever start showing wear and tear (and any countertop will eventually show wear and tear) – we can come put another hard coat on it for a very reasonable price and you will have BRAND NEW looking countertops again!
Pssst…. it’s that repairable part we told you about before.


Want another option!  How about Faux Concrete?
You get the beauty of concrete without the weight
(which can cause floor joists to bow).
Call us to find out more!




Faux Wood!

The beautiful look of fine wood, without the headache.

Faux Concrete that looks just like wood.



 Epoxy countertops!

 Epoxy countertops